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Pompi Tiramisu - Must Try!! (Italy, Rome)

Tiramisu is a popular Italian dessert. In Italian, "tiramisù" literally means "Life me up" (Cheer me up). In this post allow me to introduce the Best Tiramisu in Rome from Pompi which is famous and popular among the locals.
Spanish Steps
After our visit to the Spanish Steps and Fontana della Barcaccia (Fountain of the Old Boat), we walked  around aimless as we had time to spare. We had already seen countless luxury shops such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci... and were looking for something more unique. We were not looking for food as we just had lunch. We explored the small alleys and after walking for a good 20 minutes, we both knew that we had hit the gold mine! It all started when we saw many people (all locals) in this particular alley walking out holding on to a box savouring something inside it. We were curious and walked towards the 'source'.
Exterior of Pompi 
There was no fanciful decoration outside the shop, not even  a signboard. Yet a constant stream of people walked in and out of it. Those who walked out either carried a box each or had several boxes! Some of them opened the box and started eating while walking. Others stood outside the shop and ate. As we try our best not to be obvious, we 'discreetly' found out that the box contained Tiramisu and most people had one box each! I can't help but notice the happiness beaming through their faces as they ate their Tiramisu!

Subsequently, I found out that the shop is called Pompi (after walking into the shop). Pompi was started in the 1960s by Mr Giuliano Pompi. Although Pompi servers other food, they are most reputable for their Tiramisu. The Tiramisu has been improved over the years and the raw materials used to make it are carefully selected to ensure that it is of the highest quality. It was said that when Pompi was first started, the founder carefully selected a dairy farm and milked the cows early in the morning. After which, he used the cow's milk to prepare the 'perfect' mascarpon!

 If the Tiramisu is good enough for the Italians, it is definitely good enough for me!
Counter with ice cream while at the back were fridge containing boxes of tiramisu. There were several such similar fridges at the side of the shop. Few people were seen ordering the ice cream. 
Fridge with other desserts
There were other desserts such as tarts, mousse cake and cheesecakes too.
Pompi Tiramisu Menu
As shown in the menu / price list above, the tiramisu at Pompi comes in many flavours. No worries, if you do not really understand Italian, there's a menu with pictures and English words below.
Pompi Tiramisu Menu
Oh boy, am I glad they have this menu with pictures and some English words! It helped us decide what to order. As we just had lunch, we decided to order just one and share. There was a short queue of 8 person. We joined the queue after figuring out what we wanted to order. The turnover was fast as the Tiramisu were prepared and packaged properly in the fridge. 
Tiramisu Classico Caffe e Cioccolato 4  (S$6.27)
We ordered the Tiramisu Classico Caffe e Cioccolato (Classic Chocolate Tiramisu) which cost 4 € (S$6.27).
Tiramisu Classico Caffe e Cioccolato 4  (S$6.27)
Tiramisu Classico Caffe e Cioccolato 4  (S$6.27)
The Classic Chocolate Tiramisu was out of the world. The coffee soaked biscuits were soft, spongy and moist. The layers of biscuits and mascarpon complemented each other perfectly in terms of texture and flavour. It had a fresh, smooth, light and soft consistency and the right balance in taste. Moreover, flakes of chocolate with cocoa dusting added on top resulted in a bitter sweet twist! What a heavenly treat! How could we stop at one!
Tiramisu Gusto Fragola 4  (S$6.27)
We walked back and went in to order the Tiramisu Gusto Fragola (Strawberry Tiramisu) which also cost 4 € (S$6.27).
Tiramisu Gusto Fragola 4  (S$6.27)
Tiramisu Gusto Fragola 4  (S$6.27)
The difference between the Classic Chocolate Tiramisu and Strawberry Tiramisu are:
- instead of flakes of chocolate, generous chunks of strawberries were added on top;
- instead of coffee, strawberries were used; the biscuits were soaked with strawberry flavour.

The taste of the strawberries created an unique harmony with the the mascarpon and gave a lighter and sweeter experience! So Satisfying. We both agreed that if we had to choose between one, the Strawberry Tiramisu would have our votes.

If you are in Rome, Pompi Tiramisu is a must stop destination for a tiramisu fix! The Tiramisu here are divine! One of the best Tiramisu! No wonder they have self proclaimed themselves as the King of Tiramisu! Here's the good news, Pompi has several outlets in Rome. Remember, if you are visiting the Spanish Steps, all you need is to do a 10 minutes detour! We took 20 minutes as we detoured and walked about aimlessly. 

This marks the end of my posts on Europe. I left Europe and proceeded to Dubai (UAE). For the FoodieFC's map on Europe in all the blog-posts, you can view it here.

Pompi Tiramisu - Must Try!! (Italy, Rome)   
Via della Croce, 82
Roma, Italy
Tel: +39 06 6994 1752 
Pompi Tiramisu Map
Map appended below shows the location of the Spanish Steps / Fountain of the Old Boat and A is the location of Pompi. 

View FoodieFC's Europe Map in a larger map


  1. Beautiful and tempting types of tiramisu. Not for me so I didn't bother going to any bakeries or dessert shops. But I spend a bomb shopping.

    1. Haha with all the luxury shops there. I can understand!

  2. the tiramisu looks yummy!


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