Friday, 26 July 2013

Lunch On Board Emirates Airlines From Dubai to Singapore

We travelled back to Singapore (Changi Airport) from Dubai (Dubai International Airport) on board Emirates Airlines via Boeing 777 (again..). 
Lunch Menu
We had lunch served on board the plane. The Lunch menu provides passengers with a choice of Mutton with Black Pepper Sauce or Chilli and Lime Chicken with Garlic Sauce.

After that fantastic Mutton Stew with Black Pepper on board Airbus A380, I knew what to choose when I saw the Menu! It had to be the Mutton with Black Pepper Sauce. Although the names were slightly different, it was essentially the same thing!
Mutton with Black Pepper Sauce
The Mutton with Black Pepper Sauce was served with Sweet Chilli Prawn and Coconut Rice Pudding. 
Left to right: Sweet Chilli Prawn, Coconut Rice Pudding
The Sweet Chilli Prawn consisted of marinated sweet chilli baby prawns on glass noodle salad. The dish was unique and reminded me of Thai cuisine. To be frank it was just so-so as the prawns were small and the glass noodle was too hard.

Whereas the Coconut Rice Pudding which consisted of coconut flakes with tropical fruits fared better. The freshness of the coconut and fruits played a huge part. In addition, the rice pudding was executed nicely, moist and soft. It was a well executed dessert that help ended the meal off on a perfect note. 
Mutton with Black Pepper Sauce
Coming back to the Main; the star for the lunch. The Mutton with Black Pepper Sauce looks exactly the same as what I on the Airbus when I was on the way to Paris. It was great to be able to have this for my return trip as well! Taste wise, it was the same, except that this time the sauce was slightly more starchy. 
"As You Like It" Menu
This was the only flight that offered "As You Like It" Menu. During the previous flights on board Emirates, there was no such services. "As You Like It" allows passengers to request for cup noodles, chicken sandwich, spinach tortilla, fresh seasonal fruit and assorted chocolate bars anytime during the flight. Come to think of it, I should have at least ordered and try their tortilla or sandwich.

Since this is the last of my Emirates' experience for this trip, I would like to share that one unique / special perks of travelling via Emirates which most other airlines do not offer is that they have one of the world's most generous baggage policies! The baggage limit for Economy Class passenger is 30kg per person. Yes, you can check in up 30kg of baggage! Moreover, in terms of their other service standards, they did not disappoint! 

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  1. I certainly like the mutton dish. Looks so good and what a way to travel and enjoy the food in Emirates.


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