Sunday, 14 July 2013

Dinner On Board Emirates Airlines From Rome To Dubai

Before we returned back to Singapore, we stopped over at Dubai for two days. Once again, we took the Emirates airlines from Rome (Leonardo da Vinci International Airport also know Fiumicino) to Dubai (Dubai International Airport) via Boeing 777. We had dinner on board the plane at 10pm (Italian time).
Dinner Menu
The Dinner menu allows passengers to choose between Grilled Chicken Breast or Lamb Biryani

After our fantastic foodie experience on board Emirates Airbus A380, I was hoping for that the meal this time would be as good. 
Dinner - Grilled Chicken Breast 
We both chose the Grilled Chicken Breast which was served with Marinated Shrimp, Pear and Chocolate Delice and Cheese and Biscuits.
Marinated Shrimp
The Marinated Shrimp; Mediterranean vegetable salad, served with marinated shrimp and feta cheese failed to impress. The shrimps were not fresh. 
Dinner - Grilled Chicken Breast 
The Grilled Chicken Breast was served with creamy red pepper sauce, sauteed spinach and mashed potatoes. Although it was not mind blowing, this was decently executed. The grilled chicken breast was well seasoned at the outer layer. However, the flavours did not penetrate the inner layers of the meat and the meat was dry (which was understandable as this was breast meat). The creamy red pepper sauce which was yummy complemented the chicken meat. Dipping the dry meat into the sauce helped soften it and also enhance its flavour. Maybe this was the whole purpose of the sauce. I felt that the mashed potato was a tad too dry. Overall, this dish was delish.

As for the Pear and Chocolate Delice which was described on the menu as "barlett pear compote, topped with moist chocolate fudge brownie, encased in a rich chocolate sauce" sounded so enticing! However,  it did not appeal to me. 


  1. I tried a similar meal on my way back from Dubai on emirates. Was quite impressive and quite lovely.

  2. Can't expect much from airline food. I like to tapau my own food to complement my meals onboard especially on long-haul flights :)

    1. Hi Shirley,
      I ate several emirates meals. Overall it was not too bad. There was a couple that was delish!!
      What do you pack on board? Normally I will pack bun / bread.


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