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Jamie's Italian Restaurant in Singapore (Vivocity)

Most food fanatics in Singapore would have probably read or heard that Jamie Oliver has opened a restaurant in Singapore called "Jamie's Italian". The 210 seater restaurant offers both indoors and alfresco dining.
I joined Pinky PigguRubbish Eat Rubbish Grow and Sg Food on Foot for dinner at the restaurant on a weekday. There was a long queue outside the restaurant. Thanks to Pinky Piggu who made the reservation, we did not have to join the queue. As this was Pinky Piggu's and Sg Food on Foot's second visit, they knew which dishes to avoid and which to order.

When ordering, we were surprised that several dishes such as Baked Mushrooms and Wild Mushroom Ravioli were already sold out. Looks like its advisable to come early.
Meat Plank ($15.50 per pax) 
Left with fewer choices, we ordered the Meat Plank ($15.50 per pax) which consisted of cured meat, pickles, cheeses (Buffalo Mozzarella and Pecorino with Chilli Jam) and crunchy salad. The cured meat were arranged in such a way that it was supposed to be consumed from the left to right.
Meat Plank ($15.50 per pax) - Buffalo Mozzarella, Crunchy Salad and Pecorino with Chilli Jam (left to right)
My favourite item on the meat plank was the Pecorino with Chilli Jam. It consisted of a thin piece of sardinian flat bread with pecorino cheese. The chilli jam on top was the 'icing on the cake'! It complemented the cheese perfectly! 

We also ordered several mains to share. The Risotto, Ravioli and Pasta comes in two sizes; small and large. Hence, there are two prices in the menu. For the pasta, the small and large portion weighs 75 and 150g respectively. According to the waitress, the pasta were all freshly made - daily with love. They had a molding machine which could churn out different pasta shapes.
Wild Truffle Risotto $16.50 
I thought that the Wild Truffle Risotto $16 / $24.50 was disappointing. I would have preferred if it was more flavourful and the risotto rice was softer (well, personal preference). Luckily we were sharing the dishes, I can't imagine myself finishing the whole dish by myself without feeling jerlak.
Jools' Favourite Sicilian Tuna Fusilli $14
The Jools' Favourite Sicilian Tuna Fusilli $14 / $21 name after Jamie Oliver's wife was a dish which he created for his wife when she was pregnant. As such this dish was skewed towards a sourish flavour with a tangy kick. In addition, using fusilli pasta (corkscrew shaped) allowed  the pasta to be coated with more of the sauce. I quite like the overall taste of this pasta.
Tagliatelle Bolognese $15
The Tagliatelle Bolognese $15 / $22 with it's meat mix of beef, pork, herbs and cheese was delish.  In addition, the Bolognese sauce was robust and flavourful.

Next up are the two most expensive mains in the restaurant.
Pink Snapper Acqua Pazza $32
The Pink Snapper Acqua Pazza which cost $32 consisted of a whole pink snapper with olives, garlic wine, capers, parsley and baby plum tomatoes. It was surprisingly good! From the appearance alone, judging from the eyes of the fish, a fish fanatic would be able to tell that this fish was extremely fresh!

The Pink Snapper Acqua Pazza was executed perfectly, cooked to precise timing (not a second more, not a second less). The flesh of its meat was incredibly soft and moist. If it was cooked a little longer, the meat would have been overcooked and become hard and stiff. The sauce was equally up to the mark. It was light with fine balance of delicately sweet and salty flavour. A must order!!!
30 Day Mature Prime Rib (with truffle butter and shaved black truffles) $64.50
The 30 Day Mature Prime Rib cost $59.50, we added truffle butter & shaved Tuscan black truffles for $5.00. This main consisted of Angus breed bone-in strip loin served with wild mushrooms and peppery endives.

This was insanely delicious!! They have cooked this to perfection too. Even the sides (wild mushrooms and peppery endives) were downright delish! Another must order!!! The steak was done medium-rare, it was pinkish in the medium throughout the whole piece of steak - cooked evenly. It was just so tender, juicy, moist and well-seasoned! The melted truffle butter, further enhanced the tasty and 'moisturise' the meat. Satisfying and value for money!
Tutti Frutti Lemon Meringue $11.50
For desserts, we ordered the Tutti Frutti Lemon Meringue and Creamy Panna Cotta

I felt that the Tutti Frutti Lemon Meringue $11.50 was average. Nothing particularly outstanding about it.
Creamy Panna Cotta $9
As for the Creamy Panna Cotta $9, it would be a dish which I would recommend. Both Pinky Piggu and Sg Food on Foot felt that the one which they had during their previous visit was better. This being my first visit and I thought that the Creamy Panna Cotta was outstanding!

The Creamy Panna Cotta was smooth, soft and wobbly. I really like the rasberry fruit compote which coated the outer layer of the Panna Cotta. In addition, after each bite of the Panna Cotta, the creamy and sweet after-taste which set in had me longing for more of this! The more I indulge in it, the more I love it! A must order!!

What a wonderful way to end the meal!
Overall, there were hits and misses. The two pastas we tried were decent, but the two most expensive mains; Pink Snapper Acqua Pazza and 30 Day Mature Prime Rib stole the show! It was worth the price ordering these two mains. Another item which I would order again is the Creamy Panna Cotta!

Service-wise, it was excellent! The waiters and waitresses frequently stop by to gather feedback from customers with regards to the food. In addition, they changed our plates frequently and on one occasion even our utensils. I can't help but wonder if it was because they knew that this was a group of 'bloggers'.

I can't wait to come back again to Jamie's Italian Restaurant! It is advisable to make reservations before coming. I have been eyeing Wild Mushroom Ravioli. If you have tried it before, do let me know if its good.

Do note that the menu in Jamie's Italian Restaurant will change twice a year with up to 20 dishes dishes being replaced. 

Jamie's Italian Restaurant in Singapore (Vivocity)
1 HarbourFront Walk
VivoCity, #1 165-167
Singapore 098585
Tel: 6733 5500
Opening Hours: Sun to Thurs 12pm - 10pm
                         Fri to Sat 12pm - 11pm

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  1. I miss the pink snapper and prime ribs.

  2. Its news to me about Jamie and his restaurant in Singapore. I knew about the meat plank after watching him make a special appearance on Masterchef Australia S4. I believe that the food was fabulous and the pictures says it all.

    1. Come over and give it a try! Its now nearer to you =)

  3. We ordered 3 same items - I had mine in their outlet in Aberdeen - love the meat plant, hated the risotto and thought the prime rib was gorgeous! Looks like we are in total agreement ;)

    1. Our taste are similar!
      Have a good weekend!

  4. Tried the crispy squid and its really good! The dip looks like a mixture or butter cream and mayonnaise and a little of chili powder on it. There are chilis on top of the squid but it just adds in flavor to them. Not spicy!

    Tried the wild mushroom ravioli. The small portion has only 4pcs, so if you are a big eater, you would want to get the bigger portion. It is delicious! Just that hope they can add less salt to it.. (Or probably it's because I had crispy squid, which has salt too)..

    Do not order the amalfi lemon and basil iced tea unless you are a big fan of Earl Grey..

    1. Thanks for sharing this!!
      Oh the wild mushroom ravioli only has 4 pcs, so few!

  5. Should try when i visit SG again...

  6. must try on my next visit.

  7. So disappointed to learn that the Wild Truffle Risotto didn't turn out well as that would be something I'll pick :< I'll be patient & wait till the faze is over before visiting. Happy weekend!

    1. you can zoom straight in to their other mains =)


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