Saturday, 5 May 2012

This is what I call Customer Service (Food Hotel Asia 2012)

Remember what I wrote in my previous post on Food Hotel Asia 2012 last week?

'The show attracted such a huge crowd that there was a traffic jam into expo. Moreover, I had to queue 1 hour just to get my pass even though I had pre-registered. Still it was well worth the wait!'
Email from organisers of Food Hotel Asia 2012
Well, I received an email from the organisers of Food Hotel Asia 2012 yesterday. (please note that this email was sent to all visitors who attended the trade show on the first day. It was not sent because of my blog post)

This is great customer service; the little things that can make a difference! I am impressive. Glad to know that they realised the problem, admit it and will improve on it on their own accord all within 2 weeks after the event. Kudos to FHA!


  1. wow they have good customer service there :)

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  2. they should give you something, a food voucher or something. instead of just writing an email.

    1. 15,000 other people are affected too. Will be a huge sum if they talk about compensation!


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