Saturday, 12 May 2012

Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant (Greenwood Ave) 2nd Post

Another visit to Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant on a weekend lunch! This visit is my 3rd visit in two years! Shin Yuu is a restaurant that specialises A La Carte Japanese Buffet.

Buffet prices (top), Interior (bottom)
Buffet prices:
Daily Lunch 12pm to 3pm (Adult - $36.90++, Child - $21.90++)
Daily Dinner 6pm to 1030pm (Adult - $49.90++, Child - $29.90++)
Ok, let's start on the food now shall we?
Hot Green Tea
(left to right) Complimentary Smoked Duck, Seared Tuna Belly Sushi, Shin Yuu Special Aburi Sushi (Salmon)
The Seared Tuna Belly Sushi and Shin Yuu Special Aburi Sushi (Salmon) were fantastic - a must try. The Seared Tuna Belly Sushi was a complimentary item that cannot be ordered a second time. The Shin Yuu Special Aburi Sushi (Salmon) was a seared salmon sushi with a smear of mentaiko sauce that brought this item to a whole new level. It was perfect with a melt in the mouth sensation. Luckily the Shin Yuu Special Aburi Sushi can be ordered multiple times!
Shin Yuu Special Aburi Sushi (Salmon)
Another round of Shin Yuu Special Aburi Sushi (Salmon).
Complimentary Fried Sliver Fish
Shin Yuu Special Chawanmushi
Shin Yuu Special Chawanmushi - steamed egg with salmon roe. Definitely one of the better Chawanmushi around topped with mushroom and generous amount of salmon roe! In addition, it was not salty. Had 2 servings of this.
Sashimi Moriawase (Mixed Platter)
Sashimi Moriawase consist of an assortment of Maguro(Tuna), Hiramasa (Kingfish), Shake (Salmon), Mekajiki (Swordfish) and Tako(Octopus). I must say that the Sashimi was very fresh. Sashimi fans will love this! 
Shin Yuu Special Makimono (Unagi Rolls with Avocado)
Shin Yuu Special Makimono is another must try it is Unagi Rolls with Avocado. Very good combination. Soft and delicate pieces that will break apart if not handled with care. We ordered this despite the fact that there is just the two of us. Testimonial to how much we love this dish!
Wafu Steak
Cubes of soft, tender and juicy Wafu Steak! Another must try. 
Spare Ribs Teriyaki 
What happened to the Spare Ribs Teriyaki which I had during my previous visit? This time it was dry, salty with little meat. Give this a skip.
Kani Karage (Soft Shell Crab)
Tebasaki; Grilled Chicken Wings, marinated with honey! Soft, tender, juicy and well-marinated. If you like chicken wings, order this.
Shishamo, also known as pregnant fish was grilled. It is fresh, no fishy taste and filled with roe! This is my favourite and I had over a dozen of this!
Green Salad in Special Dressing
When we were around 70% full, we ordered the Green Salad in Special Dressing. Great dish that acted as an appetiser so that we can have more food. In addition, it was delightfully tasty. Who said that greens can't be delicious. We had 2 servings of this! Yummy!
Zaru Soba (Cold Buckwheat Noodles)
This is actually from the Yasai Tempura (Vegetable Fritters). However, we request for only sweet potato (purple potato)! Had 2 servings of this too!
Kuruma Ebi Teriyaki
Kuruma Ebi Teriyaki; Tiger Prawn with Sweet Soy Sauce. Well, you can give this a miss.

Overall, Shin Yuu is still one of my favourite place for buffet as the quality of the food is quite good (Normally in buffets, quality is compromised). Great food, great service (plates are frequently changed, green tea is frequently refilled, orders are taken and served efficiently). My favourites are Seared Tuna Belly Sushi,Shin Yuu Special Aburi SushiShin Yuu Special ChawanmushiShin Yuu Special Makimono, Wafu SteakTebasaki, Shishamo, Green Salad and Tempura (sweet potato)!

Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant (Greenwood Ave)
16 Greenwood Avenue
Hillcrest Park
Tel: 6763 4939
Opening Hours: Daily Lunch 12pm to 3pm (Adult - $36.90++, Child - $21.90++)
                         Daily Dinner 6pm to 1030pm (Adult - $49.90++, Child - $29.90++)

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  1. sashimi looks so good! I wanna eat this now.

    1. Yea. It's very fresh and is buffet style! Can order as many as you want!

    2. wow! I'm drooling now! hahahaha
      shall ask rudy to bring me here!

      May i know how much did u pay per pax?
      is it just $36.90 + 10% service charge and 7% GST?

  2. Hi Jesslyn

    Yes, you should ask him to bring you there! After that can go serene centre for ice cream! (

    For Lunch: $36.90++
    nett will be around $44.60

    1. OH I LOVE THE APPLE PIE ICE CREAM from island creamery!!!

      thanks for the recommendation!
      will "coerce" him to bring me there! ;)

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