Monday 28 May 2012

The Prata Place (Upper Thomson Road)

As its name suggest, The Prata Place specialises in serving Prata and Indian Cuisine such as Thosai and Murtabak. It is located along Upper Thomson Road and is Halal certified. The Prata Place is actually quite well known and is frequently packed especially at night.
Visited The Prata Place on a Saturday morning. Quite empty compared to the other time I came at night it was full house. Looks like it is better to come here in the morning!
Menu (a)
Menu (b)
Menu (Drinks)
Plain (Kosong) Prata $0.90
The Plain (Kosong) Prata was absolutely delicious! It arrived pipping hot. The Prata was crispy on the outside (including the edges) and fluffy on the inside. Moreover, it was not oily, they certainly managed the heat well. Dipping it into the curry will make the Prata taste even more heavenly. Although the price is a little steep compared to else where, its worth the money.
Mushroom with Egg Prata $2.80
Mushroom with Egg Prata $2.80 (Close up)
The Mushroom with Egg Prata was elongated rectangular in shape. It was simply a Egg Prata with stuffed with slices of button mushrooms. Personally, I prefer ordering the egg prata as the taste of the button mushroom did not mix well with the prata. Well its a matter of personal opinion.

Lots of variety of food at The Prata Place. Even looking at the menu for Prata itself, there are even Red Bean Prata, Floss Prata and Onion Chilli Prata available. This place is likely to be filled to the beam at night. Ironically, this place is air-conditioned..which is something that bothered me. Because your hair, shirt, basically your whole body will end up smelling of curry and prata. But the food (prata) is too good to resist!

The Prata Place (Upper Thomson Road)
1 Thong Soon Ave
Springleaf Garden
Tel: 6459 5670
Opening Hours:Daily 7am to 12am

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  1. The kosong looks crispy and tasty ;D Will give it a try. Thanks for sharing ;D

    1. Yes, it is. One of the better prata around. And not oily too!

      Thanks for popping by!

  2. Springleaf road next to prata place is a place for summon aunty/uncle.


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