Saturday, 26 November 2011

Twelve Cupcakes (Millenia Walk) (2nd post)

*Edited 7 July 2012* Recently (2 days ago), Twelve Cupcakes owners Daniel Ong and Jamie Teo got themselves into a tussle over copyright issues for reproducing the SPH contents. The owners claimed that the amount in question is nearly $3,000 including $214 investigation cost. Read all about it here. 

My 2nd post on Twelve Cupcakes. The first post can be found here.

In a short time span of 7days, I have eaten cupcakes twice! Both occasions from Twelve Cupcakes. Cupcakes are addictive! Take a look at this article.
Twelve Cupcakes (Millenia Walk)

Take a look at it's ceiling!

Not a lot of variety left.
Menu (Price)
From the left: Chocolate Vanilla, PB Chocolate, Cookies N Cream
 Ordered 3 cupcakes. That would be $9.00
Chocolate Vanilla $3.00
The Chocolate Vanilla had a layer of chocolate cream cheese on top of vanilla cupcake.  Was average. Nothing to fantastic.
PB Chocolate $3.00
PB Chocolate... you maybe asking what does PB means? Well... it is Peanut Butter!! Peanute Butter on top of moist chocolate cupcake. This is delicious. What an idea. Definitely the best out of the three that was bought. I was tempted to just open a bottle of peanut butter and add more of it on top of this chocolate cake.
Cookies N Cream $3.00
Cookies and Cream on top of moist chocolate cupcake. The cookies and cream flavour was not strong enough. Else it would have been a deadly combination. Disappointing.

On another occasion on the same week..
From the left: Red Velvet, Lemon (special)
Vanilla cream cheese on red velvet cupcake was delicious. No wonder this is their bestseller. The vanilla cream was addictive.
Lemon (special) $3.50
Lemon cheese cream on top of vanilla cupcake was average. Did not quite like the lemon flavour on the cream.

Overall, I can now change my top favourites to PB Chocolate followed by Red Velvet and Chocolate Chocolate! I am quite curious on how the cream are made as they are quite delicious and complement the cupcakes well. In addition, notice that chocolate cupcakes are better than vanilla cupcakes. 

Twelve Cupcakes (Millenia Walk) 
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-52 Millennia Walk

Twelve Cupcakes (United Square) 
101 Thomson Road
#B1-60 United Square
Tel: 6256 8130
Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 9pm

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  1. I haven't tried these cupcakes. Thinking of buying ard a dozen for a X'mas party. Probably will buy all the different flavours if available. :)

  2. Tried the cupcakes at both outlets.. however i would like to say is that previously we were lured by the idea of ''handmade w love'' and thought that each piece of cupcake is handmade by both celebrity but with the opening of 3 branches, i doubt they really have the time to handmade themselves.. so the pulling factor is gone.. plus the counter staff that they engaged was kinda of rude and they are very stingko about the packaging .. since the cupcake is small .. can consume with 2 mouth and expensive i doubt i would go for more from now.. not really worth the value

  3. Hi Anonymous

    I certainty did not know that they market the cupcakes as made with love and that each piece is made by them. As it would be impossible for them to make so many with 2 branches alone.

    Any idea where their third outlet will open at?

    I certainty agree that $3.00 was abit on the high end (as mentioned in my first post). But it's too good and addictive to resist.


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