Thursday, 3 November 2011

Long Ge Snack 龍哥小吃 (Sembawang Shopping Centre)

Some of us may have heard about Long Ge Snack 龍哥小吃  which serves crispy chicken cutlet. Long Ge Snack opened early this year in Sembawang Shopping Centre.

Menu (a)
Menu (b)
Menu (c) (fries)
Notice the many different choices of dipping sauce for the fries. I heard the special cheese sauce is a must try.

Although their signature dish is Grilled Crispy Chicken, we ordered the Crispy Chicken (non-spicy) as our throat was not too well. There was quite a number of people queuing up at the stall. We waited for close to 15 minutes for our Crispy Chicken. Not necessary a bad thing as the staff only start cooking the chicken when they received customers' orders.
The cover of the box containing the Crispy Chicken looks cool! Nice packaging.
Crispy Chicken $4.20
Weird that there is salad together with the chicken. Looks like a good way to make up for the 'sinfulness'. However, I am not impressed by the salad. The chicken was very crispy, tender and juicy. But somehow in terms of flavour and fragrant, I think it loses out to the likes of Shilin fried chicken.

Well, I have several people raving how good the Grilled Crispy Chicken is. I will have to try it one day to find out the powers of Long Ge.

Long Ge Snack 龍哥小吃 (Sembawang Shopping Centre)
604 Sembawang Road
#B1-01 Sembawang Shopping Centre

Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm

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