Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sour Sally (Wisma Atria)

As mentioned in my first post on Sour Sally in my wordpress blog, Sour Sally  has arrived at the shores of our sunny island, Singapore! Sour Sally has branded itself as US Premium Non-Fat Frozen Yogurt. Sour Sally has come to Singapore and is located at Wisma Atria.

Made a second trip down as we bought Groupon vouchers that would allow us to purchase 1 Shaved Ice Escapade Froyo with Any Choice of Flavour. Usual price for this is $9.80. With the Voucher it is $4.90. We purchased 2 vouchers.

Connect the words in black and see what you will get.
Sour Sally Menu (Price) (a)
Sour Sally Menu (Price) (b)
Sour Sally Menu (Price) (c)
Sour Sally Menu
Sour Sally Menu (Toppings)
Shaved Ice Escapade (Green Tea Flavour) $9.30 $4.90
The Shaved Ice Escapade was huge! It is ideal for sharing with a group of friends. Even sharing among 2 person is a feat. As we could not get any seats, as we stand and eat, noticed that many people were staring at us as they were walking pass.

Ordered the green tea flavour. It comes with 3 toppings. It was not as sour as the Candy Mix Yoghurt that we had previously. We had a hard task of eating it as there was too much and guess what? ....

When were were halfway there, we came to the shaved ice! I had totally forgot about the shaved ice. Overall, this is a delicious dessert and helps to quench the thirst. And for $4.90, it was worth it. But if you want to order this, try to get more than  2 people to share or it will be an uphill task finishing it. If you are curious if the two of us finished it... well we did not could not finish it!

Sour Sally  (Wisma Atria)
435 Orchard Road
#B1-47 Wisma Atria
Operating hours: Daily 1130am to 930pm 


  1. oh I love Sour Sally too!! =`)

  2. sure a huge portion and I too would have been struggling but sure looks nice.

  3. Hi g.ta & Nava.K

    yeah huge portion and is not bad!

  4. Hi Miss Tam

    they have such an item (Mochi with Yoghurt)? did not know that.


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