Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Gantetsu Ramen (Ramen Champion @ Iluma)

4th visit to Ramen Champion. This time, I tried Gantetsu from Sapporo. 2 more visits and I would have covered all the 6 Japanese Ramen restaurants. 

Weird that the name of the stall is called Gantetsu considering its meaning is stubbornness

Gantetsu Menu
Gantetsu Menu (Special Miso Ramen)
There was no queue. Yet, a 'landmine' was given. Waited for around 5 to 10 minutes before the landmine exploded. Good to know that they cook their ramen only upon receiving orders. 
Special Miso Ramen $15.00
The Special Miso Ramen comes with a ginger paste. It's broth made up of pork and miso was light and flavourful. The noodles was thin and firm. The sweet coin provided a distinct sweetness to the broth.  But the tamago was slightly overcook. Overall, quite an interesting ramen which was not overly salty. 

The six Ramen restaurants are:

1.IROHA from Toyama
2.BARIO from Tokyo
3.GANTETSU from Sapporo
4.TETSU from Tokyo
5.IKKOSHA from Hakata
6.TAI SHO KEN from Tokyo

Gantetsu (Ramen Champion @ Iluma)
201 Victoria Street
#04-08/09/10 Iluma (Bugis)
Tel: 6238 1011
Opening Hours: Daily 1130 am to 1030 pm

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