Thursday, 20 October 2011

Nantsuttei (Parco Marina Bay)

Nantsuttei is located in Parco Marina Bay, just next to Millenia walk. It sepcialises in dishing out Japanese ramen.

We saw this pasted at the entrance. Well, during meal time, there is always a long queue at this place. Hence to show their gratitude, they are giving a complimentary side dish for those who queue more than 15 minutes. Quite nice of them to offer this and show their appreciation.
Menu outside the shop
From this picture, you would have gathered that we did not queue at all. Reason: we went there during a Saturday at 345pm. Could not resist the temptation to try, although we have taken our lunch, we decided to share a bowl of ramen.
Part of their noodle menu
Topping Menu
Chashu-men $16 + Ajitsuke Tamago $1

We ordered the Chashu-men and added a Ajitsuke Tamago (flavoured boiled egg). As you noticed, the broth was brownish (tonkotsu-pork bone soup) and on top there is a layer of roasted sesame garlic oil. The noodles are springy and slightly thick, but not as thick as Bario's. It is accompanied by beansprouts, seaweed, chashu and spring onion. A generous amount of chashu was given and they were thickly sliced. The chashu was surprisingly soft, tender and flavourful. Moreover, it was not fatty which is a big plus. The broth was flavourful and fragrant but on the salty end. It was quick a unique and potent broth.
Ajitsuke Tamago $1
The Ajitsuke Tamago was overcooked.
If you finish the whole bowl of noodles including the broth, this is what you get. We did not finish the broth. we transferred it to another smaller bowl which we requested for as we were sharing this.

Ramen Tasting for you? (not sure if its over)
They are planning to open a second outlet in Singapore. Hence the ramen tasting event. Go register at their facebook. (web address at the end of this post)

Overall, I quite like this bowl of ramen. Everything was good, if only the broth was slightly less salty this would have been perfect. Oishii!!

Ps: The nearest MRT station is Promenade MRT Station.

Nantsuttei (Parco Marina Bay)
9 Raffles Boulevard
#P3-06 Parco Marina Bay, Millenia Walk

Tel: 6337 7166
Opening Hours: Daily 1130am - 1030pm

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! Looks yummy.

  2. Hi Rubbisheatrubbishgrow

    No problem. It's good. But do be prepared to queue if you are going there during peak period. Your blog is great too, keep it going.

  3. Thanks for the high praise! Which is your favorite ramen place?


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