Monday, 17 October 2011

Mayim (North Point)

Went over to Mayim at Northpoint on two occasions. The first occasion was to have dinner on a Friday.

Has anyone tried the peanuts (left) before?
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Here's what we ordered.
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'Sou Mei' Tea with Wolfberry Fruits $1.00

Interesting cup that helps to filter out the tea leaves. If you are interested in getting one, I the shop name and address is in the first photo. However, I feel that for a lazy person like me, I will find it a hassle to keep removing the filter before drinking.

Sou Mei’ Tea with Wolfberry Fruits was fragrant and wolfberry provides lots of health benefits. You can request for the waiter/waitress to refill with hot water whenever you have finished drinking it.

Soup 'La Mian' topped with slices of classic marinated chicken $7.70
The Soup ‘La Mian’ topped with slices of classic marinated chickenas promised came with the la mian and chicken in the soup. The la mian is similar to the likes of crystal jade, however, it was slightly harder. The chicken was well marinated; fragrant and tender despite being soaked in the soup. Thought that the chicken was delicious!  Disappointingly, the soup base was a tad too salty. This dish would have been great and healthy if it was less salty and vegetables was added.

Spiced Flavoured 'La Mian' $6.70
The Spiced flavoured ‘la mian’ was topped with minced pork, peanut, seasame & preserved vegetable served in dry with special meat sauce. It was amazing delicious on the first few mouthfuls. However, towards the end, it got too spicy for us. If you have a good tolerance for spicy food, this is a good bet.

Overall, a decent place. During peak periods (weekends), be prepared to queue. Service was prompt and decent.

On the second occasion, went over on a Thursday night for dinner. There was no queue and inside the restaurant, it was half full. 

Poached Vegetables Garnished with Mushrooms, Buna Shimeji Mushrooms & Golden Mushrooms $6.80
I thought that I will like this  Poached vegetables garnished with mushrooms dish. After all, how bad can you go when you have 3 kinds of mushrooms for a mushroom fan. Sadly, this dish was too salty that it overwhelmed the fragrance of the mushrooms. 

Classic Marinated Chicken Topped with Shredded Ham $6.80
The shredded ham was quick tough. The chicken on the other hand was well marinated. Soft, fragrant and tender. Realised from this visit and the previous that chicken seems to be one of their better dishes.
Sorry for unclear picture
Sauteed Sliced Fish Garnished with Ginger, Scallion & Dried Sliced Garlic $9.80
Well, the Sauteed Sliced Fish was quite oily.  Felt that the flavours of different ingredients were not brought out, resulting in the fish slices being tasteless. Can't even taste the sweetness of the fish. And should it not be fried sliced garlic? Felt that this dish is not value for money. I am sure you can taste better ones at better prices.

Clear Soup with Sliced Chicken, Mushrooms, Bamboo Pith, Buna Shimeji Mushroom, King Oyster mushroom, Wolfberry & Sliced Pork $6.50
The soup was really average. Felt that it was again overpriced and not valued for money despite the many ingredients. Somehow, the taste of the ingredients was overwhelmed by the amount of sodium. Of course, rice was ordered to go along with these items.

During this second visit, I was quite disappointed with some of their food. However, the positive side is that I realised that their marinated chicken is delicious. This time round their service was not that ideal. Had to call repeatedly before someone came to take our order. In addition, despite us asking for the rice to be served after the first dish came. The rice came only after all our dishes arrive despite us asking for it twice.

Mayim (North Point)
930 Yishun Ave 2
#02-01/05 Northpoint Shopping Centre
Tel: 6758 3168
Opening Hours: Mon–Sat 11.30am – 10pm
                                 Sun & PH: 11am – 10pm

Mayim (West Mall) 
1 Bukit Batok Central Link
#02-04 West Mall
Tel: 6794 1590  
Opening Hours: Mon–Sat  11.30am – 10pm
                                 Sun & PH  11am – 10pm

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