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Rocking Doll at Asiatique (Thailand, Bangkok)

We went to Asiatique to catch the Calypso Cabaret Show (show by lady boys) and were looking for a place for dinner. A quick observation was that the food at Asiatique was generally more expensive which was expected as it was a tourist attraction. 
As we walked around, we noticed that there was an eatery called "Rocking Doll" which exceptionally crowded compared to the rest. In fact, it was full. Naturally, our instinct was to join in and give this a try.
Rocking Doll was a small eatery with limited seating capacity. The seats and tables were cramped side by side. To get to the seats in the centre, you would need to 'jostle' your way through with numerous "excuse me". In addition, if you have a shopping bags, you would need to either put them down on the floor or carry it on your lap while eating. Despite all these, this was easily the most crowded eatery with the most people queuing.
Rocking Doll serves Thai cuisine. It's menu came with both Thai and English languages with pictures of the item and prices clearly stated. After deciding what to order, you would need to approach the very young lady (but capable) at the counter (in the picture above) to place your order and make payment. Surprisingly, the young  lady was the most important person. She was the one who ensured that you receive the right change and the right order. She was like a lady boss. She stood at that position with the cash register behind her and did not move away from it. Even when she spotted customers requiring assistance, she would direct someone else to that particular group of customers. 
The seafood and meat were all displayed clearly displayed on a bed of ice.
Tom Yum Shrimps 180 Baht (S$7.50)
As the eatery was packed, we had to wait a fair bit before our food was served. The Tom Yum (Yam) Shrimps 180 Baht (S$7.50) was average with a good balance in flavour.
Sauteed Chinese Watercress with Crispy Pork 100 Baht (S$4.20)
The Sauteed Chinese Watercress with Crispy Pork 100 Baht (S$4.20) was surprisingly good. The vegetables were well fried and very tasty with a hint of spiciness. Although the pork was not crispy as its name suggested and the dish could have been less oily, it was well-worth the calories. Sinful but delicious.
Phad Thai with Shrimps 75 Baht (S$3.10)
We thought that the Phad Thai with Shrimps 75 Baht (S$3.10) would be the best dish. But well, we were wrong. The Phad Thai did not leave an impression and was mediocre.
Stir Fried Noodle with Seafood 75 Baht (S$3.10)
The Stir Fried Noodle with Seafood 75 Baht (S$3.10) fared better. It was very well fried with smoky wok-hei infused in it. In addition, preserved radish (chye poh) was added in it such each mouthful was flavourful and addictive. It was would have been perfect if it was a tad less oily.
Fried Rice with Seafood 75 Baht (S$3.10)
The Fried Rice with Seafood 75 Baht (S$3.10) was delicious. We ordered another plate after tasting it. The rice grains were soft and each rain was well coated with immense wok hei flavour with smoky aroma.

You may have noticed that there were prawns and squids in four out of the five dishes we ordered. The prawns and squids were fresh and nicely cooked. But there was just too much prawns and squids such that we had difficulty finishing them (like that also complain... hard to please! =P ).

Overall, the food served at Rocking Doll was not bad. Price wise, it was cheap compared to the other stalls. As for whether this is the best eatery in Asiatique? That I do not know. Service wise, there was no service lah, after all there's no service tax and this is not a restaurant. Do note the environment and ambience was not exactly ideal. Squeezy, crowded, narrow walking space and noisy would be the right description. With this, you can make a better informed choice based on your own preferences on whether to eat here or not.
Beverage Stall
While dining at Rocking Doll, we bought a few cups of Thai Traditional Ice Milk Tea from the Beverage Stall nearby. The Beverage Stall was actually located just 1 unit away from Rocking Doll. You can see Rocking Doll in the background of the above photo.
Thai Traditional Ice Milk Tea 30 Baht (S$1.25)
The Thai Traditional Ice Milk Tea 30 Baht (S$1.25) was one of the better ones we drank. It was fragrant and aromatic.

Rocking Doll at Asiatique (Thailand, Bangkok)
Asiatique The Riverfront (Warehouse 6)
2194 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Phraya Krai
Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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  1. Maybe not all the dishes were a stand out. Yet certainly worth the try.


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