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Black Canyon Coffee at Indra Square (Thailand, Bangkok)

Black Canyon Coffee is a well-known Thai restaurant chain incorporated in 1993 in Thailand. The restaurant chain specialises in more than just coffee. Besides offering a variety of coffee such as espresso, cappuccino, mocha and latte, Black Canyon Coffee also serves food (ranging from Thai to Western cuisines), sandwiches, desserts (ice cream) and other drinks.

Today, Black Canyon Coffee is a leading global coffee and foods restaurant chain with more than 240 branches in Thailand. In Thailand, it is the largest operator and serves more than one million cups of coffee annually. In addition, it has 45 branches in 8 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, United Arab Emirates, Cambodia, Laos and Philippines). In Singapore, Black Canyon Coffee is located at Fusionopolis at Connexis Tower. 
Black Canyon Coffee is virtually everywhere in Bangkok, in nearly every shopping malls. Everywhere you go, you are likely to see it. We visited its outlet at Indra Square, which is near our hotel; Baiyoke Boutique Hotel for breakfast. Black Canyon Coffee at Indra Square is located just next to KFC and is open 24 hours daily!
Hot Mocha 70 Baht (S$2.92)
At Black Canyon Coffee, one cannot leave this place without trying their coffee. Its tagline is "Black Canyon Coffee: A drink from paradise... avaliable on Earth".

The Hot Mocha 70 Baht (S$2.92) a classic chocolaty espresso with hot milk was served with alphabet shaped biscuits.
Cappuccino 70 Baht (S$2.92)
The Cappuccino 70 Baht (S$2.92) was also served with alphabet shaped biscuits.
Mocha Choc Chip Frappe 80 Baht (S$3.33)
The Mocha Choc Chip Frappe 80 Baht (S$3.33) was one our favourite. It was sweet with a distinctive coffee aroma and flavour and the chocolate chips made it so addictive and at the same time gave a different texture.
Ham and Cheese Supreme Sandwich 95 Baht (S$3.96)
As this was for breakfast, we ordered some sandwiches to share. The Ham and Cheese Supreme Sandwich 95 Baht (S$3.96) was served with fries. It was a pretty decent sandwich which was hard to go wrong as long as the ingredients were fresh. The sandwich was also toasted slightly such that it had a crisp exterior while the interior was soft and warm. I thought that they executed this sandwich well, even thought it seems to be something simple. The fries were ordinary.
American Club Sandwich 125 Baht (S$5.21)
We also ordered an American Club Sandwich 125 Baht (S$5.21) which was recommended on the menu to share. This sandwich was also served with fries.
American Club Sandwich 125 Baht (S$5.21)
The American Club Sandwich was not bad too. The vegetables (i.e. lettuce and tomatoes) used were fresh! This maybe quite a mouthful for some as there's 3 layers of bread in it.
Thai Style Fried Noodle with Prawn (Pad Thai) 97 Baht (S$4.04)
The staff highly recommended the Thai Style Fried Noodle with Prawn (Pad Thai) 97 Baht (S$4.04). Black Canyon Coffee was the winner of the Pad Thai World Championship back in 2009.

To be frank, the Phad Thai was disappointing. We had high expectations for this dish. The Phad Thai was too sweet and tangy, tasted as if too much tomato sauce or ketchup was added. We all agreed that it was not our cup of tea.
Stir Fried Noodles with Chicken (Kua Gai) 78 Baht (S$3.25)
The Stir Fried Noodles with Chicken (Kua Gai) 78 Baht (S$3.25) fared much better. The kway teow (wide flat rice noodles) was well fried, each piece was tasty and had a slight smokey aroma.

Well, as this is a restaurant chain, the prices charged for the food is considered reasonable. Food wise although the Phad Thai was disappointing, the rest of the food were decent. This may not be a die die must try restaurant, but its certainly worth a try if you do not know what to go for and would like to avoid street food.

We also visited Black Canyon Coffee located at the basement of Platinum Fashion Mall. If you need a break from all the shopping or caffeine, you know where to go.
Left to right: Blackpuccino Frappe 75 Baht (S$3.13), Black Canyon Frappe 75 Baht (S$3.13) 
We ordered Blackpuccino Frappe 75 Baht (S$3.13) and Black Canyon Frappe 75 Baht (S$3.13) and had them in takeaway cups so that we could drink and shop!

Ordering the Blackpuccino Frappe was a big mistake as it had a strong bitter after taste. On the other hand, the Black Canyon Frappe was a hit among us. It was refreshing. The aroma and richness of the coffee was unmistakable and had us longing for more of it.

Having tried their coffee on two occasions, I can now understand why they have so many outlets in Thailand! 

Black Canyon Coffee at Indra Square (Thailand, Bangkok)
1st floor of Indra Square (next to KFC)
120/126, Ratchaprarop Road
Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 686 0118
Open Hours: Daily 24 Hours

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  1. Been to to this place over here. Not too bad especially since we adore Thai dishes.

  2. I don't drink coffee, but certainly wouldn't mind trying out other stuff :)


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