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Shell To Fry at Platinum Fashion Mall Food Centre (Thailand, Bangkok)

Going to Bangkok, Thailand? Watch this space! With this post, it marks the start of a series of posts on what to eat / makan in Bangkok! If you are keen to know what to eat, what not to eat or what is a die die must try in Bangkok, this series of posts will be very helpful to you!  

As we stayed at Baiyoke Boutique Hotel, (naturally) Platinum Fashion Mall's Food Centre was the first place in Bangkok we stopped over for a quick late lunch. The mall was 10 minutes walk away from the hotel, provided that you do not get distracted or tempted by Pratunam Market or the many street stalls while walking to this mall. 
Platinum Fashion Mall
The Platinum Fashion Mall, a shopping haven place would most likely be on most foreigners' itinerary. It is Thailand largest wholesale and retail fashion mall with many shops selling clothes, accessories, bags and shoes at wholesale prices.
Platinum Fashion Mall Directory
The Food Centre (Food Court) is located at Zone 2, level 6 of Platinum Fashion Mall (as seen in the above directory) which is the same level as where the all the souvenirs are.
Place to purchase Coupon Card
Before you can purchase your meals, you would need to buy the Pre-loaded Card. You can decide on the value to purchase. If you have balanced unused money (value) left in the card, you can proceed to the counter to get a refund. 

The Food Court is huge with many stalls selling a wide variety of food. In addition, there are lots of seats and tables. Each table had a box of tissue on top of it. If only this concept (tissue box) can be replicated in Singapore.  The other incentives of visiting this food court was that it was clean and air-conditioned. 
The Stall P11 - Shell To Fry was one of the several stalls which was widely raved about. As its name suggest, the stall specialises in fr food such as Fried Oyster, Fried Mussel and Fried Noodle (including Pad Thai). This stall is conveniently located at the centre of the food centre. 
Prawns, oysters and mussels
This was one of the most popular stall in the food centre. Even though it was past 4pm, this was the stall with the longest queue (around 7 person) gathered in front of the stall. Some were waiting for their food while some were trying to order. It was quite chaotic ordering the food as there was no proper queue. 
Fried Oyster (Hoy Tod) 75 Baht (S$3.13)
Fried Oyster (Hoy Tod) 75 Baht (S$3.13)
The Fried Oyster (Hoy Tod) more commonly know as Fried Oyster Omelette was executed differently from what we taste in Singapore. The Fried Oyster Omelette instead of being in small pieces was served as a whole piece. It was crispy at the edges while the centre was soft accompanied with a generous amount of oysters. Underneath the egg mixture, there were lots of crunchy beansprouts. Sinfully addictive. If you are a fan of Fried Oyster Omelette, you should try this. 
Pad Thai with Prawn 75 Baht (S$3.13)
Pad Thai with Prawn 75 Baht (S$3.13)
The Pad (Phad) Thai with Prawn did not disappoint. It was quite well fried. The chilli flakes, crushed peanuts, sugar, spring onions and even beansprouts are placed near the counter to allow customers to add according to their preference. We added the chilli flakes and crushed peanuts, and mixed it with the Phad Thai. The Phad Thai was unique its ingredients included oyster and mussel. The Phad Thai was delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed it although the prawns were not fresh. 

Give this stall (Shell To Fry) and let me know if  you like the food. It is one of the best stall in Platinum Fashion Mall Food Centre

Shell To Fry at Platinum Fashion Mall Food Centre (Thailand, Bangkok)
Stall P11, Zone 2 Level 6  Platinum Fashion Mall Food Centre
222 (Pratunum) Petchaburi Road
Ratchathevee, Bangkok, Thailand
Opening Hours: Daily 9am to 8pm

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  1. Thai food will always be on top of my list as fav. I haven't been to this mall before but will keep in mind. That said, I have covered the whole of Thailand, so maybe in the next few years. Both the dishes are interesting and I must say fabulous. Love the mixture of ingredients.

  2. I haven't eaten there, but I love shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall!


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