Monday, 14 October 2013

Chong Chong BBQ Chicken Wings 忠忠鸡翅膀 (Chomp Chomp Food Centre)

As mentioned in earlier posts, we visited Chomp Chomp Food Centre on a Thursday evening. As we were still not satisfied (with the BBQ Chicken Wings we had earlier), we decided to order more barbecue (BBQ) Chicken Wings. After all, we do not visit Chomp Chomp  everyday. Since we were here, we just had to indulge!
This time, we ordered our BBQ Chicken Wings from Chong Chong BBQ Chicken Wings 忠忠鸡翅膀.
When ordering, customers would need to make payment and also let the stall owner/helper know the table number so that the orders can be served subsequently.
BBQ Chicken Wings (5 pieces for $6)
As usual, we ordered 5 pieces of BBQ Chicken Wings. Each piece cost $1.20. All the BBQ Chicken Wing stalls in Chomp Chomp sell their chicken wings at the same price. We waited for around 20 minutes before the chicken wings were served to us.
BBQ Chicken Wings (5 pieces for $6)
BBQ Chicken Wings (5 pieces for $6)
These BBQ Chicken Wings fared better compared to the ones we had earlier! These wings were barbecue till the exterior was crispy with charred glistening skin (nicely burnt). The interior was succulent and tender. In addition, the natural flavours of the meat was also brought out. With the soy-sauce based marination, the chicken wings were just so tasty. Although the chilli sauce was mediocre, the original taste itself was delectable enough.

Finger licking good! Felt satisfied after this! 

Chong Chong BBQ Chicken Wings 忠忠鸡翅膀 (Chomp Chomp Food Centre)
#01-26 Chomp Chomp Food Centre
20 Kensington Park Road, Serangoon
Singapore 557269

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  1. I am loving it and I can imagine the taste when dung in the sauce. The price is somewhat the same as we pay over here.


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