Sunday 6 October 2013

Chomp Chomp Hai Wei Yuan Seafood BBQ 忠忠海味园BBQ海鲜烧烤 (Chomp Chomp Food Centre)

There are at least three stalls that sells barbecue (BBQ) seafood in Chomp Chomp Food Centre. Of these, I have tried two of the BBQ seafood stalls. And out of these two stalls, there's one which I always prefer to order from. The stall is Chomp Chomp Hai Wei Yuan Seafood BBQ 忠忠海味园BBQ海鲜烧烤 (what a mouthful). I shall call it Hai Wei Yuan to keep it short.
Hai Wei Yuan is easy to spot as its at the entrance of Chomp Chomp. In fact, it is located at the left most corner at the entrance and has a unit number #01-01. This stall is fairly popular and you can expect a waiting time of at least 30 minutes (even on a weekday evening). There are tables directly in front of this stall. However, my advice would be to sit elsewhere. This is because the BBQing of the sambal chilli can cause the air around this stall to be very uncomfortable.
The seafood such as stingray, crayfish, lala clams, gong gong and cockles were displayed on a bed of ice. We ordered three dishes and two bowls of rice from Hai Wei Yuan . The three dishes were Sambal Kang Kong $8, Sambal Lala $8 and BBQ (Sambal) Stingray $12. The two bowls of rice cost $1. Payment is made only after the food is served. We waited  for around 40 minutes before our food was served (Food for thought: it was a Thursday night. Can't imagine what the waiting time would be if it was a weekend or Friday night).
Sambal Kang Kong $8
Although the Sambal Kang Kong $8 served on a piece of banana leaf had been highly raved about, I thought that it was average. I had eaten better ones elsewhere. The Kang Kong was well cooked and retained a nice crunchines. However, the dish as a whole was too spicy and was not tasty enough.
Sambal Lala Clams $8
The Sambal Lala $8 was served on a piece of banana leaf.
Sambal Lala Clams $8
We thought that the Sambal Lala Clams was unique. The lala clams were normal, but what stood out was the sauce. It had the right balance of spiciness, sweetness and saltiness (due to the lala clams). What made the sauce so unique was that it had this slight peanutish flavour that made it aromatic and addictive. Shiok! We were scrapping whatever sauce there was and adding it onto our rice.
BBQ Stingray $12
The BBQ Stingray $12 was also served on a piece of banana leaf.
BBQ Stingray $12
Needless to say, we always squeeze the lime to up the flavour by a notch or two. The BBQ Stingray was not bad. The sambal chilli spread was spicy and fragrant while the Stingray was tender, soft and more importantly fresh. However, a grouse which I had was that the stingray was too thin - not meaty considering the price. Having said that, credit must be given to the stall owner as he bothered to add slices of onions on top of the BBQ Stingray to enhance the flavour. I polished off the whole stingray (literally) including its skeleton (soft bone) which contains cartilage which is good for the joints.

Overall, the food from Hai Wei Yuan was delish. Even though we had to wait so long for the food and the price seems to be on the higher end for a hawker centre, I would still be back. Reason being the prices at the other stalls are the same. In addition, I am a foodie, I am definitely coming back to Chomp Chomp for all the other yummy and sinful food.

Chomp Chomp Hai Wei Yuan Seafood BBQ 忠忠海味园BBQ海鲜烧烤 (Chomp Chomp Food Centre)
#01-01 Chomp Chomp Food Centre
20 Kensington Park Road, Serangoon
Singapore 557269
Opening Hours: Daily 5pm to 12 midnight 

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  1. Ohhh!! while the kangkong did not fare that right, I still am admiring it plus the other two. We have such similar dishes over here and its the sambal and the lime that kicks in the punch into them.

    1. Yea, I went to Johor to eat similar dishes!


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