Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Vanda Terrace (Orchid Country Club) 2nd Post

Hainanese Chicken Rice $8.50
This is my second post on Vanda Terrace at Orchid Country Club. The first post can be found here. In a few words, Vanda Terrace is essentially an Alfresco dining outlet serving local cuisines. 
A notification system for calling the staff or asking for the bill. This is becoming common in F&B outlets with the tightening of the foreign labor employment. If you take a look around you whenever you eat out, you would likely have noticed the after effects of such a policy. Many F&B outlets have close down because of labour or rental issues. Well.. lets go back to the food. 
Hainanese Chicken Rice $8.50
Since I was here for lunch, I had to order the Hainanese Chicken Rice $8.50. It has been years since I ate this chicken rice. The reasons being that it would normally be sold out after lunch time and I visit during dinner time. The Hainanese Chicken Rice consisted of chicken rice, steamed chicken, soup and garlic-chilli dip served in individual bowls/plates. 
Hainanese Chicken Rice $8.50
Vanda Terrace does not serve roasted chicken. They serve only steamed chicken. The steamed chicken was cooked perfectly; so succulent and delicious. In addition, the portion given was so generous and meaty (not layered). As for the chicken rice, it was fragrant and not overly oily. The Hainanese Chicken Rice did not disappoint. Yummy! 
Laksa Paradise $7.90
Every time we visit, someone is bound to order the Laksa Paradise $7.90. 
Laksa Paradise $7.90
Consisting of thick beehoon, prawns, cockles, fish cake slices, chicken, quail eggs, bean sprouts and dried beancurd, this laksa was another dish that never disappoint. It may not be the best, but it was certainly above average. Worth the calories. 
 Javanese Chicken Curry $9.90
Another regular item which we frequently order is the Javanese Chicken Curry $9.90. 
 Javanese Chicken Curry $9.90
The main item in this dish is the Chicken Leg in cooked in Javanese curry. There are so many types of curry. This version is spicy, sweet with a hint of lemongrass and cinnamon spices. The curry itself is very addictive and it goes perfectly with plain rice. As for the chicken leg, it was cooked just right. So tender! 
Oriental-Style Chicken Wings
Oriental-Style Chicken Wings which was crispy and well marinated.  

A breathtaking view of the Golf Course from our table. =D 

Vanda Terrace (Orchid Country Club) 
1 Orchid Club Road
 Golf Clubhouse, Orchid Country Club 
Tel: 6750 2200 
Opening Hours: Mon to Tue 730am to 10pm 
                         Wed to Sun 730am to 11pm

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  1. Oh yum to all of it. I actually prefer steamed over the roasted chicken. Lovely meal.


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