Monday, 17 November 2014

K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet 고뷔페 (Orchard Central)

K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet 고기 뷔페 is a Korean BBQ buffet restaurant in Orchard Central (Somerset MRT station) which started operation in August 2014.
I visited on a weekday for lunch. Being Kiasu (as usual), I made called the restaurant beforehand and was told that they no longer accept reservations. Hence, we went 10 minutes early, at 11.20 am before the restaurant opened. Everyone seemed to have thought like-wise. There was a queue of more than 10 persons when we arrived.

When the restaurant opened, the queue stretched to more than 20 persons long. I was wondering how come everyone was not working and if they were like me (who applied for leave). 
K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet offers both air conditioned and alfresco (outdoor) areas. The seating capacity at the air condition area was way smaller compared to the alfresco area. We chose to sit outdoors as there was a Big Ass Fan (High volume slow speed fan) which made the area so well ventilated. Even though it was noon, it did not felt hot. In addition, you get a clear view of the city.
The prices for the buffet are show above. The price for weekday (Mon to Fri) lunch at $14.90++ was so value for money!
Korean rice cake with fish cake
The buffet consist of a wide variety of cooked and raw food. In the cooked food section, there was Corn, Korean rice cake with fish cake, japchae (glass noodles), Korean pancake, fried chicken wings and spicy tofu stew.

We went for more than 1 servings of Korean rice cake with fish cake and japchae (glass noodles) as these were delicious. We did not manage to try the fried chicken wings, as these were taken as soon as they were replenished.

At the raw food section there were Marinated Beef Short Rib, Beef Bulgogi, Pork Belly, Pork Collar, Marinated Pork Collar, Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Chicken Sausages, squids and prawns.
As with all korean buffet, there was a section with vegetables (lettuce), mushrooms, onions, radish and kimchi.

Besides these, there was also fruits and salad section and a counter for drinks.
Chicken, Pork Collar, Prawns, Squids
Look at how thickly sliced the Pork Collars are. This is by far the thickest sliced Pork Collar I had for a buffet. Most other buffets would slice their meat thinly.
Beef  Bulgogi and Pork Belly
The Pork Belly was also of decent thickness which the Beef Bulgogi was well marianted.
With the large pan, it was easy cooking the food. We started off with the Pork Belly so that fats would grease the pan.
Food wise, it was impressive. The Pork Collar and Pork Belly of good thickness allowed the juices and flavours to be retained in the meat. Basically for the raw food, we spammed the Pork Belly, Pork Collar, Beef Bulgogi and mushrooms.

For a Korean buffet, the cooked food and the raw food were quite good. One of the better Korean buffet I have tried. Worth going back for more considering the price and quality. 

K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet 고기 뷔페 (Orchard Central)
 #07-01 Orchard Central
181 Orchard Central Road 
Singapore 238896 
Tel: 6884 7282
Opening Hours: Daily 1130am to 10pm

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  1. Indeed I can see how impressive the meal must have been. And you have also mentioned my fav - the pork belly. Its been some time since I had Korean bbq and after seeing your post, I think I have try again.


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