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Sin Kee Seafood Soup (Woodlands)

Seafood Soup (Dory Fish) $5
Sin Kee Seafood Soup is a fish soup stall located at Teo Chap Bee Eating House (coffeeshop) in Woodlands. This stall is located at Blk 19 Marsiling Lane a distance away from Admiralty Park and Republic Polytechnic.

Arriving on a weekday afternoon for lunch at 1215pm, the coffeeshop was bustled with people. Although all tables were occupied, it was a breeze finding an empty table as the coffeeshop was large and the cleaners were so efficient. I noticed that most patron mainly ordered from just two stall; Sin Kee Seafood Soup and Hong Ji Claypot Pork Rib Soup (Bak Kut Teh).
The prices at Sin Kee Seafood Soup are clearly displayed in front of the stall. This stall specialises in seafood soup consisting of Dory Fish, Batang Fish or Pomfret Fish. There is also an option to add Crayfish. After placing my order, I was given a number plate for displaying at the table. I was told then that the wait would be half an hour long.
Their business was so good that we waited for nearly an hour before our food was served. We ordered the Seafood Soup (Dory Fish) $5 and Batang Fish with Crayfish $10.50 with 2 bowls of plain rice. Each bowl of plain rice cost $0.50.
Seafood Soup (Dory Fish) $5
The partner ordered the Seafood Soup (Dory Fish) $5 which was delicious! The stall owners were so generous with the ingredients! There were several thick chunks of dory fish, two prawns, chunks of minced meat and tomatoes. The dory fish was incredibly fresh, soft and sweet! The prawns did not disappoint too. Fresh, firm and sweet tasting. The chunk of minced meat, a mixture lean meat, fats and mushrooms was well marinated and was delicious. The amount of minced meat given was more than what I had ever gotten in a bak chor mee or homemade noodles dish.

The soup was tasty; slight salty with hint of sweetness and sourness (probably due to the tomato). At $5, this Seafood Soup (Dory Fish) is so value for money considering the freshness and amount of ingredients.
Batang Fish with Crayfish $10.50
I ordered the Batang Fish with Crayfish $10.50 which consisted of several thick slices of Batang Fish, three half crayfish, chunks of minced meat and tomatoes, The soup was nowhere as good the Seafood Soup (Dory Fish). This soup had a strong fishy - crayfish after taste which spoiled the taste of the soup. The crayfish was just average and did not taste as fresh as I hoped. On the other hand, the batang fish was fresh and sweet.

Overall, Sin Kee Seafood Soup serves pretty decent seafood soup. If you are keen to give this a try, I would suggest avoiding lunch time and ordering their crayfish. In fact, I would recommend the Seafood Soup (Dory Fish) which was value for money and delicious! 

Sin Kee Seafood Soup (Woodlands)
Teo Chap Bee Eating House
Blk 19 Marsiling Lane
Singapore 730019

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  1. Yum to the seafood Dory fish soup. The flavors are so alive and kicking.


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