Sunday 26 May 2013

Light Meal & Breakfast On Board Emirates Airlines From Singapore To Dubai

This is the start of a series of overseas posts covering airlines food on board Emirates and meals in Europe (France, Switzerland and Italy) and United Arab Emirates (Dubai). These posts are 5 months overdue as it took place in December 2012. In some of the posts, I might side track to mention some of the must visits. Hope it will be informative and useful.

We took the midnight flight from Singapore (Changi Airport) to Dubai (Dubai International Airport) via Emirates Airlines on our way to France; Paris. After which, from Dubai we would then fly to Paris. The Boeing 777 used for the flight from Singapore to Dubai involved a stopover at Colombo; for passengers to alight and new passengers to board. The cleaning and catering crew came on board during the stopover and did their necessary jobs while the rest of the passengers remained on board the plane. There were two meals served on the plane; a Light Meal and Breakfast
Light Meal Menu
The Light Meal was served along the journey from Singapore to Colombo. The meal was served at around 2am (SG time)! The meal for the Light Meal is appended above. As per the norm on all most full service airlines, passengers get to choose between two choices for their Main Course. I chose the Snapper Fillets In Oyster Sauce - served with a medley of capsicum and turmeric rice. 
Light Meal - Snapper Fillets In Oyster Sauce
The Snapper Fillets In Oyster Sauce was served with Marinated Prawns With Potato Salad, Bread, Biscuit and Sicilian Cheesecake. The prawns in the Marinated Prawns With Potato Salad were small but fresh. Being a fan of potato, the potato salad was polished off. The Bread on the other hand was as hard as a rock.

The distinct yellow turmeric rice also known as the 'poor man's saffron rice' lacked flavour and fragrance, and was a tad too hard. The snapper fillet was fresh however, the addition of too much oyster sauce made it salty. As for the Sicilian Cheesecake, I barely touched it as I am not a fan of cheesecake.
Breakfast Menu
The Breakfast was served along the journey from Colombo to Dubai. The Breakfast Menu is appended above. Passengers could choose between the Mushroom Omelette or Red and White Kiribarh. Needless to say, I chose the Mushroom Omelette!
Breakfast - Mushroom Omelette
The Mushroom Omelette was served with Hash Brown Potatoes and Baked Beans with Tomato, Orange Juice, Bread, Biscuits, Breakfast Cake and Seasonal Fruits. This time round, the Bread was soft. The Breakfast Cake was similar to a butter cake, however it was a tad too hard, dense and dry. The Mushroom Omelette was average with nothing much to shout about.
As we took the flight at such an unearthly hour, I found these stickers (photo appended above) extremely useful. Passengers are able to affix the stickers on the top of their seats to inform the air steward or stewardess certain messages.
For example, if you want to sleep, yet be woke up when the meals are being served. All you need to do is to affix the blue sticker which is 'wake me up for meals' at the top of your seat / headrest. I affixed that so that I could sleep soundly yet not miss my meals =). Nice idea. The last time I took a midnight flight on board SIA, I was woken up by the air stewardess who asked if I want my meal. I had no intention of consuming my meal then as I was sleep deprived. SIA should consider this if it has not implemented such procedures yet. 


  1. You are eating at 2am! You should have just skip and sleep.

    1. haha, because I will be on the plane for many hours. So there's lots of time to sleep.

  2. I flew on Emirates to Dubai from KL but the meal were different. I remember the stickers but never actually used them. Somehow flight meals are not for me but I eat because I have to. There were varieties yet I seldom finish of the meals. I also notice that the stewardesses pay special attention to the Westerners. I had a guy who tilted his seat when food was served and there was not reaction for the crew.

    Having flown many times, I still prefer MAS and Thai airways for the time being.


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