Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Jack's Place (Marina Square)

Back to Jack's Place again. Jack's Place a restaurant chain specialises in serving affordable western cuisine such as steaks. The restaurant first start back in 1966 and now has 15 outlets in Singapore and evolved to include restaurants with other concepts such as Eatzi Gourmet, Seafood Harvest, Brewbaker's Kitchen & Bar, Hoshigaoka and Jack's Place under the JP Pepperdine Group. It's newest concept restaurant is the Kkongdon Korea BBQ, that offers Korean BBQ cuisine. 
The exterior of Jack's Place restaurant at Marina Square. All their outlets have the same similar exterior with the same corporate colours. 
Even the interior is consistent. Same type of furnishing decoration. Classy modern furnishing and ambience with its signature white and green table cloth. Nostalgic! 

Kudos to their marketing and branding team for keeping a consistent image at all 15 outlets. Makes me feel so comfortable despite being at a different outlet. 

Spotted something new among their decorations. Nice touch. Cute design of animal cut outs in their corporate colour.
Daily Set Lunch Menu
Before we stepped in, we already know what we would be ordering. Its the N.Z. Ribeye Steak with Brown Sauce ($16) from the Executive Set Lunch which comes along with Soup of the Day, Garlic Bread, Day's Dessert and Coffee/Tea. 
Garlic Bread
Two slices of Garlic Bread, one for each of us. 
Soup of the Day
The Soup of the Day was carrot, potato, leek and chicken soup. It came piping hot. The soup was filled with the natural flavours of the ingredients. The chunks of potatoes, carrots and leeks were well cooked; soft yet retaining the flavours. The chicken chunks in it was surprisingly tender. Souperlicious Soup of the Day! 
Executive Set Lunch: NZ Ribeye Steak with Brown Sauce $16
The steaks at Jack's Place are served sizzling on a hot plate. Hence, whenever we hear the sizzling sound coming out from the kitchen, we will turn and keep a look out (anticipating) for ours. 

As expected, the piping hot sizzling NZ Ribeye Steak with Brown Sauce was served on the hot plate with seasonal vegetables and a baked potato. Do note, the hot plate is well... hot, touch the wooden parts instead if you need to shift the plate. 
Executive Set Lunch: NZ Ribeye Steak with Brown Sauce $16
I requested for my steak to be cooked 'medium' so that it will be soft and somewhat firm. The brown sauce was 'darn' good and complemented the steak perfectly. 

The seasonal vegetables served consisted of slices of carrots, radish and french beans. The carrots and radish were soft but the french beans were a tad too hard. A healthy side dish as no oil was used. I believed they were blanched and cooked in hot water. 
Executive Set Lunch: NZ Ribeye Steak with Brown Sauce $16
Baked Potato topped with Sour Cream sauce, Chicken Bacon bits and Spring Onions. I like how Jack's Place executed this as the potato was moist and soft on the inside. Moreover, the chicken bits were fragrant. If I did not know, I would have thought that this was pork bacon bits. 
Day's Dessert with Tea
Concluded the meal with Day's Dessert and tea.

Overall, a fulfilling and satisfying meal. Still my favourite place for an affordable and decent steak. In terms of service, the waiter and waitress were prompt. In addition, one of the staff came over and asked if the steak was cooked to our expectations. I did feedback to her that the steak was to our liking and that the french beans were a tad too hard. A little softer would have been ideal. Furthermore, feedback to her that it was a great meal thus far. I noticed that she also did the like wise for other customers. It was a nice gesture and I was impressed with her service.

ps: I always ask for extra brown sauce. It comes with no extra charge! Yummy! 

Jack's Place (Marina Square)
6 Raffles Boulevard 
#02-138H Marina Square
Tel: 6338 8292 / 6338 6081
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 1030pm

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  1. Jack's Place used to be one the restaurants when I frequent when I was a kid till about 20+, but not anymore. Somehow they've lost their touch. I still like Hans & The Ship tho'.

  2. Their restaurant is not cosy anymore and their steak doneness and quality is terrible !!! Price is more expensive also. The value, quality & experience dropped a lot. Very sad. Seldom go now.


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