Sunday 25 November 2012

Yilmaz Western (Ang Mo Kio) - CLOSED

Edited: Closed. If you know where the owner has setup his shop can you pl let me know via 

Yilmaz Western is a stall specialising in western cuisine located in Coffee City Coffee Shop at Ang Mo Kio Ave 6. Normally, when I am in the area, I would order herbal soup from Xu Yang Tonic Soup. However, during my last visit, Yilmaz Western caught my attention.

Yilmaz Western serves some of its western dishes on hotplates (not every western stall in a coffee shop does that). On that specific occasion as I was enjoying my herbal soup, I heard a loud sizzling sound. Turning around, I saw a man carrying the sizzling hotplate with ingredients piled high up to a customer on the table next to me. Well, from that point in time, I knew that I had to try this the next time I am in the area. 
Yilmaz Western is essentially a 'one man show' (quoting the owner). Everything; from taking orders, marinating, preparing, defrosting, cooking, serving and collecting payment are all done by the owner himself (how does he cope? I am equally puzzled!). I ordered the Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop and was expecting to wait for a long time as it was peak period. To my surprised I just waited less than 15 minutes. An amazing feat considering that there were a few other customers in front of me.
Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop $6
The Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop was served sizzling hot! I had to wait a few seconds for the sizzling and smoke to lessen before taking the photos. The grilled chicken chop was stacked on top of a whole lot of fries, with mashed potato and steamed vegetables (broccoli, cherry tomato and corn) at the side. With the exception of the steamed vegetables, the ingredients were all drenched in a special sauce. 
Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop $6
A very generous amount of ingredients were given in addition, 3 sides were served; vegetable, mashed potato and fries. Mind you, its not bake beans, not coleslaw! Take a look at how much fries was given and how thick a cut the chicken chop was. The mashed potato was basically hidden behind these.

The sauce made a big difference. The more I dig into it, the more I love it. It seemed to be a kind of fusion of BBQ and Mushroom Sauce with herbal fragrant. Not too sweet, not too salty, the sauce was perfect; incredibly tasty and addictive.

As for the grilled chicken chop, it was well-marinated and had lots of pepper corns spread over it. With the sauce, it provided a refreshing flavour to the tender chicken chop unlike the norm; black pepper/mushroom sauce.

The fries were hard and seems to have been fried a second time (for those not covered in the sauce). But for the fries that were drenched in the sauce, there was a difference in texture. Crispy yet soft, tasty experience. (do give the fries at the bottom some 'stirring' as the hotplate might cause some of the fries to be charred) The mashed potato was normal, but again with the sauce, complemented it perfectly.
Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop $6
I like the fact that the the vegetables were steamed and were very fresh. Moreover serving corn, cherry tomato and broccoli was unique. A nice change from what other western stall normal gives; coleslaw.

Overall, I was very impressed by this one man show! Fresh vegetables, well-marinated meat, generous serving and incredible sauce! The sauce stole the show. You will either love or hate it as the sauce is spread over all the ingredients. In addition, it is so value for money. Highly recommended. You won't know what you are missing till you give this a try!

Yilmaz Western is a hidden gem. Watch this stall, it has great potential to be the best western stall! I hope that this one man show can survive as it is no mean feat managing one stall alone. Can't wait to try it again!

*Edited: Went a second time on a Friday evening for dinner. This time waited for nearly half an hour as he had high volume of orders. Food-wise, it was still as good! 

Yilmaz Western (Ang Mo Kio)
Blk 728 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
Coffee City Coffee Shop
Tel: 9144 8248
Opening Hours: Daily 1230pm to 1030pm

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  1. That is sure a great pick. The serving is quite big too with a tantalising sauce poured over.


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