Monday, 26 January 2015

Ban Mian 福州板面 (Toa Payoh Central)

Dry Pork You Mian $3
 I have heard about how awesome the dry Ban Mian located in J99 Eating House at Toa Payoh Central is.
Hence, We made a special trip down to Toa Payoh for this on a Friday evening. The stall name is called Ban Mian 福州板面. It is less than 5 minutes walk away from the Toa Payoh MRT station and HDB Hub. 
Needless to say, both of us ordered the Dry Pork You Mian $3. Most Ban Mian stalls are self-service (i.e. customers would need collect their own orders and bring it to their table. Whereas for Ban Mian 福州板面, all we had to do was order and give our table number. The food would be delivered to our table. This was probably because there was a need to wait for a good 15 minutes. 
Dry Pork You Mian $3
 The Dry Pork You Mian $3 was served with a bowl of soup.
Dry Pork You Mian $3
 A generous amount of ingredients (minced pork, vegetables, anchovy (ikan bilis) was given.
Dry Pork You Mian $3
As this was the dry verison, there was dark sauce at the bottom of the bowl. Before eating it, the sauce should be mixed with the noodles till every strand was well coated with the dark sauce. To be frank, this bowl of Dry Pork You Mian was not fantastic. We felt thirsty the entire night.
Pork Ban Mian $3
On another Friday night, we went to try their soup version noodles. We ordered the Pork Ban Mian $3 and Pork You Mian $3.
Pork You Mian $3
The Ban Mian was slightly undercooked while the You Mian was overcooked. These soup version Ban Mian and You Mian were decent but not the best. What is certain is that their soup version fared well better compared to their dry version.

I doubt I will try their dry Ban Mian again. If you are keen to try the dry version, try the one at 161 板面 Ban Mian (Bukit Merah Central). It tasted way better. 

Ban Mian 福州板面 (Toa Payoh Central)
J99 Eating House
Blk 186 Toa Payoh Central
Singapore 310186 

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  1. i noticed that u really like ban mian!! :)

    1. Yes! Its my comfort food! Can have this daily.

  2. I somehow prefer the soupy version and the ikan bilis - gives that lovely salty flavour and crunch.


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