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Datouxia (Da Tou Xia 大頭蝦 Prawn Noodles)

*Edited on 21 Sep 2014. Closed*
Super Prawn Noodles (dry) $10.80
Datouxia (Da Tou Xia 大頭蝦 Prawn Noodles) opened recently, less than 2 months ago specialises in Prawn Noodles and Ngoh Hiang.
The non-air conditioned eatery, located just outside a bus stop has a large seating capacity. When I visited on a Friday evening, the restaurant was empty except for another couple (probably in their 50s).  
The menu with their prices indicated are nett prices. They sell a variety of prawn noodles (including jumbo prawns), pork ribs, pig tails and even abalone noodles. 
 They also have a separate menu for Ngoh Hiang (variety of fried Chinese food).
Super Prawn Noodles (dry) $10.80
I ordered the Super Prawn Noodles (dry) $10.80 and a Golden Wing(s) $0.90. 

Surprisingly, the Super Prawn Noodles (dry) was served with pig tails which was weird since I did not request for that and its not indicated in the menu for such an order. Nevertheless, I went ahead and try this bowl of Super Prawn Noodles. 
Super Prawn Noodles (dry) $10.80
There was three jumbo prawns sliced into halves which made it easier to savour the prawns. The jumbo prawns did not disappoint. Big in size, they were so fresh and its meat was firm and sweet. Prawn lovers would love this. Chilli, fried shallots and pork lard were mixed with the noodles and beansprouts. The chilli was very spicy, you may wish to ask for less chilli. 

As for the soup, it was tasty and robust, full of essence of the prawns. However, I felt thirsty after drinking the bowl of soup.
Golden Wing(s) $0.90
I spotted the Golden Wing(s) $0.90 in the Ngoh Hiang menu and decided to order one to try. As I order this, the staff informed me that they had only one piece left as he was probably worried that I would order more than one. The Golden Wing, did not impress me. It was over fried and the interior was dry. 
As shown in the above receipt, the prices indicated in the menus are in nett. 

Datouxia (Da Tou Xia 大頭蝦 Prawn Noodles) 
383 Upper Aljunied Road
Singapore 367868 
Tel: 9062 2342
Opening Hours: Daily 730am to 9pm

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