Monday, 4 August 2014

Cafe Sneakery (Sunshine Plaza)

*Edited on 24 Sep 2014: Closed*
Creamy Tom Yum Soup with Thai Mama Noodles $4.90
Cafe Sneakery (Sunshine Plaza) is a small humble eatery located at a quiet corner of the exterior of Sunshine Plaza along Prinsep Street. Inclusive of its exterior and interior seating, this eatery can sit around 20 people. 
I have eaten at least five times at Cafe Sneakery and was impressed with their food. Through these visits, I tried all 3 of their  Noodles; Smoked Duck with Organic Noodles, Noodles Soup and Creamy Tom Yum Soup with Thai Mama Noodles.
Besides selling Noodles, they have Sandwiches, Toasts, Wraps, Ice Cream and Beverages available.
Smoked Duck with Organic Noodles $5.50
Their signature Smoked Duck with Organic Noodles with sesame oil and special sauce is my favourite dish!
Smoked Duck with Organic Noodles $5.50
The noodles was very well executed. Cooked to perfect timing, the texture was so soft while the taste was so savoury. The smoked duck was a pleasant surprise. It was well smoked and was tender and springy. This dish is a die die must try!
Noodles Soup $4.90
The Noodles Soup $4.90 cooked with chicken, prawns, mushrooms and vegetables was another gem.
Noodles Soup $4.90
This bowl of Noodles Soup was so forgiving, comforting with a warmly feel.

The broth was flavourful and the essence from boiling the vegetables (probably radish) and meat was extracted out into the broth. With the addition of the ingredients, this dish was just so health. There was definitely no MSG added in it, as I drank all the soup and did not felt thirsty at all. A homely dish, perfect dish on a rainy, cold day or if you are not feeling well.
Creamy Tom Yum Soup with Thai Mama Noodles $4.90
The Creamy Tom Yum Soup with Thai Mama Noodles $4.90 did not exactly wow me as I felt that the balance of the sourness and spiciness could be improved. In addition, the mushroom used did not really suit the tom yum soup.

This small cafe called Cafe Sneakery is highly recommended. If it can overcome its small seating capacity, this hidden gem could be the next big thing and add itself into the list of established players nearby such as Victor's Kitchen, Oven Marvel and Aroy Dee Thai Cafe. This cafe is a family run business, I hope that they continue to operate despite the challenges (labour, rental, etc). I will definitely be back for more of their Smoked Duck with Organic Noodles and Noodles Soup. Give this a try, you will not regret it.

ps: do note that you might have to wait for half and hour during their peak hour (i.e. lunch time) as the place would be full. They do not take short cuts and rush through their cooking as the quality of food is important to them.

Anyway from what I heard, their shop is up for lease and if someone takes up the lease this shop would likely cease operation. If you want to try this, you have got to be fast. 

Café Sneakery (Sunshine Plaza)
91 Bencoolen Street 
#01-59 Sunshine Plaza 
Singapore 189652
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 11am to 5pm
                         Closed on Sat and Sun


  1. I adore the duck dish all the way. I can see the tender and melt in the mouth duck pieces.

  2. Looks Good. I will want to try :)


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