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Orchard Yong Tau Foo (Cuppage Plaza)

Orchard Yong Tau Foo (Cuppage Plaza) is located at level 1 of Cuppage Plaza. This Yong Tau Foo has a small seating capacity of around 15 seats.  Despite that, many shoppers and office workers frequent this stall.
Customers would first need to choose the ingredients they want. After choosing the ingredients, they would need to choose the choice of rice / noodles ranging from bee hoon, kway teow, yellow egg noodle to mee pok. They would need be assigned a number and be asked to wait for their number to be called.

I went on two occasions and waited for less than 20 minutes. Do note that if you are coming with a group of more than 3, it would likely be a longer wait and you would be assigned to sit in a row.
Orchard Yong Tau Foo offers wide variety of ingredient such as stuff tofu, mushrooms, golden mushroom, bitter gourd, fish balls, fish cakes, meat balls, hotdogs, seaweed, cuttlefish, quail eggs, century egg, salted egg, broccoli, and Chinese cabbage.

The ingredients were fresh!
A rough gauge of the price range, 7 items of ingredients (excluding the noodles / rice) would cost $4.90.

Once your number is reached, you will be assigned to a seat. The space inside is pretty narrow and small.
I ordered mine with Kway Teow and with soup.
Kway Teow Yong Tau Foo.
On another occasion I ordered it with bee hoon.
Overall, this bowl of Yong Tau Foo was delicious. The ingredients were so fresh and well cooked. Take for example, the radish was soft, not hard. And for those ingredients that were too big such as bitter gourd, radish and fish balls, they would be cut into smaller pieces. The soup stock was another star of its own. Made from soy beans, it was clear, flavourful and hearty. Mind you, it was not salty unlike those you would normally get elsewhere.

The chilli and sweet sauce was excellent too! Personally, I preferred the sweet sauce. It was mild sweet and yet so tasty and fragrant. They had extracted the sesame flavour into the sauce!

Lastly, despite the narrow, small seating capacity, another aspect that would make me come back was the service. The service was excellent! The uncle who called out the queue number, clear the tables, collect the cash and serve the items to the tables was so attentive and friendly! He would notice and ask customers if they require a refill of soup when he noticed that had drank most of their soup. He would also ask if he noticed that customers need a refill of sweet or spicy sauces. Kudos to him as I noticed that he was already so busy, yet I noticed him asking those around me all these questions.

Orchard Yong Tau Foo (Cuppage Plaza) 
5 Koek Road #01-09 
Cuppage Plaza
Singapore 228796 
Tel: 9067 5245
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 8am - 630pm
                         Closed on Sun

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