Sunday 7 April 2013

Bedok North 85 Fried Oyster 勿洛北85蚝煎 (85 Fengshan Food Centre)

As mentioned in my previous posts, I visited the newly renovated 85 Fengshan Food Centre on a Saturday night at 10pm. While waiting for our Bak Chor Mee from Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian 兴记肉脞面, we ordered the the BBQ Grilled Chicken Wings from Sin Bedok North BBQ Chicken Wings 勿洛北烤鸡翅 and also the Oyster Omelette from Bedok North 85 Fried Oyster 勿洛北85蚝煎.
Bedok North 85 Fried Oyster 勿洛北85蚝煎 occupies two stall unit in the food centre. 

Ordered the Oyster Omelette and was told that it would be served to our table in 10 minutes time. However, after waiting for 20 minutes, there was still no sign of our omelette. I went back and check was told that I would need to wait for another 5 minutes!! 
Oyster Omelette $3

Oyster Omelette $3
The freshly cooked Oyster Omelette was decently executed. It had the right portion of starch and egg mixed together. Fried over (what I suspect) high heat, each piece was crispy on the outside while soft and moist on the inside. Although there were only 4 pieces of oyster, these oysters were fresh, plump and juicy! Moreover, the chilli complements this real well. 

How I wish, there's such a similar hawker centre in the North that serves such food (Soupy Bak Chor Mee, BBQ Chicken Wings and Oyster Omelette).  There would be no need for me to store anymore cup noodles at home. Oh man.. how I envy those living in the East. I can't imagine how happy I would be if I stay at near Bedok 85...

Bedok North 85 Fried Oyster 勿洛北85蚝煎 (85 Fengshan Food Centre)
Blk 85 Bedok North St 4 #01-09/10
85 Fengshan Food Centre
Tel: 81807751

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  1. I like oyster omelette for the starch instead of the egg or oyster. Most important is the vinegar chili!


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