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Number 8 Red Grouper Soup 8号红石斑鱼汤

Number 8 Red Grouper Soup 8号红石斑鱼汤 specialises in serving fish soup. The stall first started operating in Woodlands before shifting over to Jalan Besar one month ago.

There are many fish soup stalls all over Singapore. But this stall is one of the few that I have encountered that servers such a wide variety of fish ranging from Red Grouper, Pomfret, Ang Gor Li, Batang Fish and Dory Fish. In addition, they also offers Fish Head and Fried Fish for some of the fish soups. If you think that is all, well you are wrong. They even have Seafood Soup and Prawn & La La Soup! 

With so many choices, I had a hard time deciding what to order. In the end, I ordered the Bittergourd Red Grouper Bee Hoon.
Bitter Gourd Red Grouper Bee Hoon $8
Bitter Gourd Red Grouper Bee Hoon $8
The Bittergourd Red Grouper Bee Hoon came in a bowl filled with with generous amount of ingredients. There were lots of beehoon, slices of bittergourd, vegetable, red grouper meat topped with fried shallots and a few pieces (3 to be exact) of dried crispy fish. 

I can't recall when I was given any dried crispy fish in a bowl of fish soup. The only one I can recall was the Bak Chor Mee at Hill Street Tai Hwa. The dried crispy fish added an extra oomph into the taste of the soup. The  bittergourds were sliced thinly and cooked well till it was soft. (I like it when my fish soup contains bittegourds. But sadly not every fish soup stalls have this)

Red Grouper fish meat
Several pieces of Red Grouper fish meat were given. What I like was that each piece was not sliced very thinly (as what some stalls does). In addition, the fish was very fresh! As for the soup, it was fantastic. So tasty and flavourful that I drank all of it. I seldom drink all the soup when eating fish soup as they frequently contained MSG and sodium (salt) in it. In this case, initially I had some worries that the soup might contain MSG. The good news is that even after a few hours after having drank the soup, I did not feel thirsty. I doubt that there is any MSG in it. 

Despite the price being $8 (on the higher end of the spectrum), I must say that this is worth every single cent.   A very delicious bowl of fish soup with fresh fish, dried crispy fish and the soup was really very well done! Give this a try when you are in the area and you will know what I mean.
It is not easy to find this place. The above picture shows where Number 8 Red Grouper Soup 8号红石斑鱼汤 is located at. Located in between Farrerr Park and Lavendar MRT Station, it is just across the road from Jalan Besar Stadium. 

Number 8 Red Grouper Soup 8号红石斑鱼汤 
290 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208953
Tel: 9645 2219, 9736 5357
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 10am - 3am

                           Closed on Sun

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  1. I have had tried a similar noodle soup over here with bitter gourd and fish but am not sure whether it was the red grouper.

    I think sometimes we have to pay for quality food and all more the soup was naturally flavoured without MSG. Looks like a big serving too and I will definitely want to try out if I have a chance to

    1. Hi Nava

      Yes I agree. I do not mind paying more if its of good quality and fill my stomach. Hates it when I pay more and the food is lousy or portion is too small.

      Can differentiate Red Grouper through the skin (as shown in the picture above). Most fish soup stalls uses Batang as Red Grouper is more expensive.

      If you are here, give this a try

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